Tejeda Guzman, PLLC attorney


Antonio Tejeda Guzman


Former Workers’
Compensation Judge

In May of 2003, I began the practice of law in Willmar, MN.  For several years, I represented three cities in Renville County in the prosecution of all misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor traffic offenses.  In the scope of this prosecution experience, I participated in Jury Trials, court trials, and motion hearings. In addition to the prosecution work, I represented clients in misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony level criminal defense. My experience has been valuable in developing a workers’ compensation practice.

In 2004, I joined the MN Army National Guard and obtained a direct commission as a Judge Advocate. In this role, I learned how to work as part of a much bigger team with a much larger mission. I held various positions:

Legal assistant - primarily dealt with giving legal advice to soldiers in a wide range of issues, civil, criminal, or military.

Trial Counsel - Prosecutor.

Operational Law and as Chief of Detainee Operations (in Iraqi theater) - analyzing sensitive, complex information and providing judicious and time-sensitive advice to the Commanding General. 

Deputy Regional Trial Defense Services, Mid-West Region (military equivalent to a Public Defender). The Mid-West Region is composed of seven states.

Chief of Military Justice, MN Army National Guard - Chief Prosecutor.

Legal Advisor for Administrative Separation and Medical Boards - Administrative Law Judge.

Medically Retired in March of 2016, with the Rank of Major.


In 2008, I established The Law Office of Tejeda Guzman. Through those years, my practice evolved into three main areas: Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Veteran Affairs Appeals representing the injured worker, the disabled, and the Veteran.  I also represented clients in Complex Civil Litigation or Class Actions. In all, I learned the art of explaining complex legal theories to clients with limited educational backgrounds and diverse backgrounds.


In July of 2016, I became a Workers Compensation Judge with the Office of Administrative Hearings, St. Paul, MN. I presided over hearings, evaluate information from documents and testimony to determine if evidence presented supports the claim as consistent with the law, and compose and issue Findings & Orders to resolve disputes between opposing parties. I also facilitated negotiations between opposing parties. Additional duties included researching legal issues and analyzing agreements reached between disputing parties.

In September of 2017, I returned to private practice with my firm the Law Office of Tejeda Guzman, PLLC.

Award of Excellence